My Research Articles on the JFK Assassination


I have recently revised and expanded several of my articles (7/3/2020).


10 Key Facts About the JFK Assassination in 4 Minutes


20 Key Facts About the JFK Assassination in 8 Minutes


Faulty Evidence: Problems with the Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald


Evidence of Alteration in the Zapruder Film


The Dented Bullet Shell: Hard Evidence of Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination?


Forensic Science and President Kennedy’s Head Wounds


Physical Evidence of Conspiracy in the JFK Assassination


Did Oswald Shoot Tippit? A Review of Dale Myers’ Book With Malice


Extra Bullets and Missed Shots in Dealey Plaza


The Wounding of James Tague Refutes the Lone-Gunman Theory of the JFK Assassination


The Large Wound in the Back of President Kennedy’s Head: More Evidence of a Shot from the Front


Was Oswald A Poor Shot?


The Head Shot from the Front


Was Oswald’s Palmprint Planted on the Alleged Murder Weapon?


Some Comments on John McAdams’ Kennedy Assassination Home Page


Weak Points in the Lone-Gunman Theory


Where Was President Kennedy’s Back Wound?


Where Was Oswald During the Shooting?


The Shifting Sands of the Single-Bullet Theory


10 Reasons I Reject the Single-Bullet Theory


Why Would Tippit Have Stopped Oswald?


Problems with the JFK Autopsy X-rays and Photos


Only the Facts? Eyewitness Testimony vs. the Lone-Gunman Theory


New Files Support Oswald-Ruby Link


The Suspicious 6.5mm Fragment


More on the Suspicious 6.5mm Fragment


How Long Would Oswald Have Had to Shoot?


Fact vs. Myth in the JFK Assassination


The Warren Commission’s Failed Investigation


Historic New Evidence in the JFK Assassination


The HSCA’s Acoustical Evidence of a Second Gunman


The Conclusions and Research of the HSCA


Valuable Extracts from the HSCA Hearings and Exhibits


Gems from the Warren Commission Report


The Baker-Oswald Encounter: Proof that Oswald Did Not Shoot JFK?


Just the Facts


Hasty Judgment: A Reply to Gerald Posner—Why the JFK Case is Not Closed (Condensed)


Hasty Judgment: Why the JFK Case Is Not Closed (Book)


Five Myths About the JFK Assassination


Reactions to Six Shots in the Zapruder Film


Errors and Omissions in Gus Russo’s Book Live by the Sword


Suspects in the JFK Assassination


Critical Thinking and the Kennedy Assassination: A Reply to Ken Rahn’s Article “Twenty Simple Truths About the JFK Assassination”


Wesley Liebeler vs. the Warren Commission


The HSCA and Fraud in the Backyard Rifle Photos


The Wounding of James Tague: Evidence of a Second Gunman in the JFK Assassination


The Man Who Wasn’t There: Were There Phony Secret Service Agents in Dealey Plaza?


The HSCA Report on Jack Ruby and a Possible Mafia Role in the JKF Assassination Conspiracy




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