Michael T.Griffith


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Second Edition


I used to be a devout theistic evolutionist.I was absolutely convinced that evolution was the mechanism God used to create life on earth.This is one reason I hesitate to question evolutionists' motives, since I know that I genuinely believed evolution was factual and I saw no conflict between it and my religious faith.


My first doubts about evolution came as I read the short creationist book titled Fossils In Focus written by two creation scientists.I had a friend at the time who was a professor of biology at a local community college.He agreed to read the book and said he was certain he would find numerous errors in it.When he gave me his critique of the book, he didnít seem to have real answers for the objections raised in the book.Over and over again, his response boiled down to an appeal to authority.This led me to read more creationist literature.Several books later, I came away highly skeptical of the theory of evolution.My doubts only increased as the years went by and as I read more literature on the creation-evolution debate.It seemed to me--and still does--that evolution is unable to answer the following questions (among others):


  • What is the origin of life? At least theistic evolution has a plausible answer, namely, that life came from an omnipotent eternal life.Secular evolution can only posit life from non-life and something from nothing.Evolutionary scientists still haven't even come close to producing even the "simplest" living cell from non-living matter, despite repeated attempts to do so in sophisticated laboratory experiments.


  • What is the origin of intellect?


  • What is the origin of consciousness?


  • How could a lowly, single-cell animal have elevated itself into a higher life form?


  • How could life have changed itself from cold-blooded to warm-blooded?


  • How would the eye have evolved when so many of the components necessary for vision are useless unless combined with other components to form an incredibly complex machine? To this day I have yet to see a logical, credible theory of how even a "primitive" eye could have developed by random processes.


  • How could sexless life, in the beginning, have created sex and why?


  • How could a single cell have evolved into cells of fish, fowl, animal, and man, all of which are different?


  • How would natural selection have "known" to preserve or select the components necessary for flight when the very concept of flight would have been unknown and when most of the those components would have been useless in and of themselves?


Atheistic evolution has no credible, rational answers to these questions, in my opinion.


These are some of the reasons I rejected evolution.




ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Michael T.Griffith holds a Masterís degree in Theology from The Catholic Distance University, a Graduate Certificate in Ancient and Classical History from American Military University, a Bachelorís degree in Liberal Arts from Excelsior College, and two Associate in Applied Science degrees from the Community College of the Air Force.He also holds an Advanced Certificate of Civil War Studies and a Certificate of Civil War Studies from Carroll College.He is a graduate in Arabic and Hebrew of the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, and of the U.S.Air Force Technical Training School in San Angelo, Texas.In addition, he has completed an Advanced Hebrew program at Haifa University in Israel.He is the author of five books on Mormonism and ancient texts, including How Firm A Foundation, A Ready Reply, and One Lord, One Faith.