The Planned Parenthood Videos:

Planned Parenthood Is Lying—The Videos Were Not “Deceptively Edited”


Michael T. Griffith


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Last summer the Center for Medical Progress began releasing undercover videos filmed at various Planned Parenthood clinics over the course of the last few years. The videos show Planned Parenthood executives and staffers talking about selling body parts from aborted babies. Planned Parenthood and many news outlets, including the so-called “” group, claim that the videos have been “deceptively edited” and that the most incriminating segments have been “taken out of context.” 


However, forensic analysis has proven that the videos have not been deceptively edited, and anyone can view the full versions of the videos and see that the numerous incriminating segments are not “out of context.” The firm that Planned Parenthood hired to study the videos was a left-wing opposition research firm named Fusion.  Not surprisingly, Fusion (1) did not use the original videos, (2) only used copies available on YouTube, and (3) only examined four of the videos. When a real forensic firm studied the videos, including the originals, their experts found no evidence of deceptive editing. Molly Hemingway of The Federalist explains:

Within hours of the first video coming out, Planned Parenthood started issuing talking points in response. They knew it would be a public-relations nightmare, and they had to say something. They went with a tried-and-true tactic when they’d been busted undercover for seeming to approve of racism or underage sex trafficking. They said the videos were “edited.” They also said, “highly edited,” “deceptively edited,” and the like. Perhaps you have heard this claim uttered roughly eleventy billion times by Planned Parenthood and its media defenders.

Now, on the one hand, literally every journalistic product is edited in one sense or another. Earlier this week, Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards testified before Congress. The five-hour hearing was edited down to just one-minute clips for stories that were broadcast on the networks. Editing is what journalism is. But what about the “deceptive” slur? It was uttered with such repetition that it became something of a blood-soaked mantra.

Into this media narrative Planned Parenthood savvily introduced “evidence,” in the form of a study they commissioned and paid for from a left-wing Democratic opposition research firm called Fusion. This is a group whose practices are fully in the sketchy side of political operations, but they did what they were asked and produced a report that claimed to show deceptive edits, though they couldn’t quite explain how these edits were deceptive. . . .

Okay, so the Alliance Defending Freedom commissioned a forensic analysis of the footage. The report came out this week. Unlike the Planned Parenthood study, this report was done not by a partisan opposition research firm but by Coalfire, a third-party digital security and forensics firm with experience providing evidence for civil and criminal investigations. Unlike for the Planned Parenthood-commissioned audit, Coalfire had access to every second of released audio and video investigative footage. The Fusion report only had access to four full-length videos released on YouTube through August 4, and none of the source material.

The report utterly destroyed the talking point pushed by Planned Parenthood for months. . . . (Media Censors Forensic Analysis Showing Planned Parenthood Videos Not Deceptively Edited).

I should mention that Carly Fiorina’s famous description of the Planned Parenthood videos in the second Republican presidential debate was not entirely accurate but was substantially correct. Given that she was speaking hurriedly in a debate, the liberal attacks on her description show an unreasonable standard, indeed a double standard, in judging comments made in such settings. In any case, Mrs. Fiorina’s description of the videos is a secondary issue and does not change the reality of the awful, disgusting things the videos do in fact show.

The articles below will tell you everything there is to know about the Planned Parenthood videos, and they refute the liberal claims and denials about the videos.

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