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The Pearl Harbor Debate: Debunking the Debunkers


Six Myths of the Traditional Pearl Harbor Story


Decoding Pearl Harbor: USN Cryptanalysis and the Challenge of JN-25B in 1941


Backdoor to War and Infamy


The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy and the Minority Report of the 1946 Joint Congressional Committee


Warning at Pearl Harbor: Leslie Grogan and the Tracking of the Kido Butai


Held to a Higher Standard: The Downfall of Admiral Kimmel


Admission of MAGIC Demolishes FDR’s Claim of Surprise


Pearl Harbor: The Latest Wave


Pearl Harbor Historiography: A Lesson in Academic Housecleaning


The Case for Pearl Harbor Revisionism


Pearl Harbor: Fifty Years of Controversy (a good overview of the history of the Pearl Harbor debate and Pearl Harbor scholarship)


Pearl Harbor: The Search Continues (includes a discussion on Congressman Hamilton Fish’s book FDR: The Other Side)



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