Websites and Organizations

General George B. McClellan: Outstanding General, War Hero, Christian Gentleman

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Museum of the Confederacy

Gettysburg National Park

The American Civil War Homepage

United Daughters of the Confederacy

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War

The 37th Texas Cavalry (an excellent heritage defense organization)

The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library 

Save the Sons of Confederate Veterans

League of the South 

Know Southern History

Abraham Lincoln Institute

Stonewall Jackson Society

Nathan Bedford Forrest Historical Society

Slavery, the Slave Trade, and Race Relations in the North

Institute for Southern Historical Review

Articles and Books

Confederate Emancipation (one of the best online articles on the subject; among other things, it answers the argument that Southern leaders had no interest in ending slavery)

Violence, Chaos, and the Expansion of Government Power in 1864

U.S. Civil War Facts Sheet

Yankee Cowards and the War Crimes Against Southern Civilians

Karl Marx and the American Civil War

The Reign of King Cotton

Hinton Helper’s Book The Impending Crisis of the South

Abel Upshur’s Book An Inquiry into the True Nature and Character of Our Federal Government

Speeches, Arguments, Addresses, and Letters of Clement Vallandigham (click “Read Online” to read the book)

Copperhead: Words that Got a Congressman Deported


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