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New Information on the JFK Assassination Medical Evidence

Doug Horne, a former senior staff member of the Assassination Records Review Board, discusses new information from released files and tapes relating to JFK’s autopsy and his wounds. New information reveals that Kennedy’s body was removed from the casket on Air Force One and placed in a cheap gray shipping casket, and that JFK’s body arrived in the gray casket at Bethesda Naval Hospital before the empty Parkland casket arrived.


The Omissions and Miscalculations of Nicholas Nalli

Debunks Nicholas Nalli’s recent attempt to explain JFK’s head movements in the Zapruder film as the result of a “jet effect” and/or a “neuromuscular reaction.”


Scientist’s Trick “Explains” JFK Backward Movement When Shot

Another debunking of Nicholas Nalli’s article on JFK’s head movements.


Debunking Vicent Bugliosi’s Book Reclaiming History

Reviews by several JFK assassination scholars that document the numerous errors, distortions, and omissions in Bugliosi’s “book for the ages.”


Debugging Bugliosi

Dr. Dan Thomas responds to Vincent Bugliosi’s attack on the acoustical evidence of a second gunman developed by the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA).


Overview and History of the Acoustical Evidence in the JFK Assassination Case

Dr. Dan Thomas provides a thorough examination of the acoustical evidence that more than one gunman fired at President Kennedy.


Death of the NAA Verdict
James DiEugenio documents new research that refutes the claims about neutron activation analysis (NAA) and the JFK bullet evidence made by Bugliosi, Guinn, and others.


A Demonstrable Impossibility: The HSCA Forensic Pathology Panel’s Misrepresentation of the Kennedy Assassination Medical Evidence

Excellent article by John Hunt showing that the HSCA’s own expert medical consultants found evidence that contradicted the lone-gunman scenario.


How Five Investigations Into JFK’s Medical/Autopsy Evidence Got It Wrong

Two medical professionals, Dr. Gary Aguilar and Nurse Kathy Cunningham, dissect the official investigations into the medical evidence relating to the assassination.


Oswald, the CIA, and Mexico City

A former major in Army Intelligence discusses some of what we now know about Oswald’s strange activities in Mexico City.


JFK, Vietnam, and Oliver Stone

Declassified documents prove that JFK was going to withdraw U.S. forces from Vietnam in 1965.


The Magic Bullet: Even More Magical Than We Knew?

Dr. Gary Aguilar and Josiah Thompson discuss additional problems with the Warren Commission’s single-bullet theory.


The Zapruder Film Controversy

In this 42-page article, Dr. David Mantik presents an in-depth analysis of indications of alteration in the Zapruder film.





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