My Articles on the Civil War


The American Revolution and the Right of Peaceful Separation: The American Principle of Secession/Independence


McClellan’s Early Defenders Speak: Voices from the Past in Defense of General George B. McClellan


The Tariff and Secession: Statements About the Tariff as a Major Factor in Sectional Strife and Southern Secession


The Smearing of General George B. McClellan


The Southern Side of the Civil War (new edition; uploaded November 2020)


Black Confederates, Political Correctness, and a Virginia Textbook (new edition; uploaded 9/24/2014)


Proof that the Union was Supposed to be Voluntary


Some Surprising Facts About the Confederacy


The Confederacy, the Union, and the Civil War: A Look at Four Claims About the War Between the States


From the History Books: Facts that Support the Southern View of the Civil War 


Missing History: Omissions in James McPherson's Book The Battle Cry of Freedom


Abraham Lincoln, the North, and Secession: Questions for Lincoln Defenders 


Slavery and Southern Independence: Did the Confederacy Deserve to Survive?


Jefferson Davis: His Character, Leadership Style, and Race Relations


Was Abraham Lincoln a Conservative and a Christian?


A Condensed Look at the Southern Side of the Civil War


Suggestions for Southern Heritage Defenders


Review of Charles Lunsford's Video The South Speaks Out


A Response to Attacks on Confederate Symbols and History



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