Taxes, Spending, and the Economy

The Facts About Tax Cuts, Revenue, and Growth

Setting the Record Straight About the Bush and Reagan Tax Cuts

We Need Fair Trade, Not Free Trade: The Case for High Tariffs and Protectionism 

Debunking Liberal Myths About Tax Cuts and the Economy

Did Deregulation and Capitalism Cause the Financial Crisis?

Japan’s Lost Decade Argues Against Obama’s Policies

Barack Obama-san

Ten Common Myths About Taxes, Spending, and Budget Deficits

Who Pays Income Taxes?

Guess Who Really Pays the Taxes

The Government’s Helping Hand Also Hurts: The Minimum Wage

Solutions to Our Long-Term Fiscal Challenges

Warnings from U.S. Comptroller General David Walker

Transcript of Interview with Comptroller General David Walker (scroll halfway down)

Eat, Drink, and Buy Merrily

Republic for Sale

The Critical Issue of Monetary Policy: The Gold Standard and the Federal Reserve System


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