Defending the Faith


Masonry and the Mormon Temple


The Book of Mormon: Ancient or Modern?


Is the Bible Inerrant and Complete?


Mormonism and the Occult?


Another Look at The Godmakers


Divine Justice in the Book of Mormon: Answering Anti-Mormon Attacks on 3 Nephi


The Authenticity of Alma 7:10: A Reply to Anti-Mormon Criticisms of Alma's Prophecy that Christ Would Be Born in the Land of Jerusalem


The Book of Mormon and the Spaulding Theory


Vindicating Prophecy: Why the Anti-Mormon View of Prophecy Is Invalid


The Vapor of Darkness in 3 Nephi: Proof of Fraud in the Book of Mormon?


Does the Book of Mormon Teach Mormonism? Answering the Anti-Mormon Claim that Unique LDS Doctrinbes are Not Taught in the Nephite Record


A Reply to John Tvedtnes Review of My Book One Lord, One Faith


Was Jesus Married?


The Book of Mormon in the Ancient World


Adam-God's Last Stand: A Look at the Adam-God Theory


The Adam-God Teaching


Do DNA Studies Refute the Book of Mormon?


Addressing Questions About the Book of Mormon and DNA


DNA, the Book of Mormon, and Historical Research


Archaeology and the Book of Mormon: Problems with the Anti-Mormon Approach


Answering Criticisms of the Book of Abraham


Archaeological Evidence and the Book of Mormon



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