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The Fossil Record and Evolution


The Five Crises in Evolutionary Theory


Molecular Machines Support Intelligent-Design Model


DNA, Design, and the Origin of Life


The Miller-Urey Origin-of-Life Experiments: Going from Bad to Worse


Life from Chemicals: Theory and Improbability


Was Biochemical Life Found in a Meteor from Mars?


A Scientific Critique of Evolution


Five Major Evolutionist Misconceptions About Evolution


Thermodynamics vs. Evolution?


The Problem of Information for the Theory of Evolution: Has Dawkins Really Solved It?


A Critique of 29 Alleged Evidences for Macroevolution


Why Life Could Not Have Come from Non-Living Matter: Why Abiogenesis is Impossible


Do Similarities Prove Evolution from a Common Ancestor?


“Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in Biology Instruction


The Church of Darwin (and the Kansas State Education Board)


100 Scientists, National Poll Challenge Darwinism


A New Design Argument


Does the Bible Teach A Young Earth?


Rates of Evolution as Evidence Against Evolution


Those Typing Monkeys Don't Prove Evoloution


Biochemical Limits to Evolution: The Untold Story


Does the Emergence of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Prove Evolution?


What About the DNA Similarity Between Humans and Chimps?


Keeping an Eye on Evolution: The Eye, Evolution, and Richard Dawkins


Evolution Is Biologically Impossible


The Human Brain Testifies Against Evolution



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