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The Lincoln Assassination and the Radical Republicans

I think a plausible, credible case can be made that Edwin Stanton and the Radical Republicans used John Wilkes Booth to murder Lincoln, that they arranged for Booth to escape Washington, and that they ensured that Booth would not be taken alive. The sources below present the evidence that supports this theory.

Why Was Lincoln Murdered? (This is the full text of Otto Eisenschimlís book, which argues that Edwin Stanton and the Radical Republicans were behind Lincolnís death and that Stanton arranged for Booth to escape from Washington and then had him killed by a small unit of federal troops led by an officer loyal to Stanton.)

In the Shadow of Lincolnís Death (This is the full text of Otto Eisenschimlís second book on the Lincoln assassination. Among other things, Eisenschiml examines the trial of the Lincoln assassination conspirators, the treatment of Mary Surratt, and the actions of Edwin Stanton. He also debunks the theory that Booth was not killed at the Garrett farm in 1865.)

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