Proper Intimacy in Marriage


Romney or Obama? Facts for Latter-day Saints to Consider


The Proper Role of Government


Abraham Lincoln, the Mormons, and the Civil War: An LDS Perspective on "Honest Abe"


Elder Bruce Hafen Speaks on Same-Sex Attraction


Same-Sex Attraction


A Sense of the Sacred: Morality, Modesty, Romance, and Pornography


Avoid It: A Talk on Intimacy, Standards, and Movies


Official Proclamation on the Family


God's Hand in Our Nation's History


Protect Our Homes


Statements by Prophets and Apostles on Legalized Abortion (new version with updated links)


Church Supports Constitutional Amendment to Protect Marriage


The Divine Institution of Marriage (official statement on the dangers of same-sex marriage and the benefits of traditional marriage)


For the Strength of Youth


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